Fire Signs and the New Moon in Taurus

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Quick advice: Get wild, get revolutionary.

DO: Trust your ability to create your own reality.

DON’T: Pour into situations where all the signs point to a dead end.

Message: Spend some time with the primal and intuitive aspects of yourself. Ask yourself what it means to get wild and then make some space and time for that very thing.

Some of you may have been dealing with someone who was emotionally unavailable and caused you to experience emotional turmoil (questioning self) but I am seeing a renewed relationship to your emotions moving into this new chapter. Still, there is a need to really get in touch with yourself at the deepest level and feel all of your emotions so that holistic healing can take place.

Be mindful of making space for insecurities and the need for constant reassurance. You can do this by doing the inner work to develop our ability to trust yourselves. It will help to see this current situation without judgment nor the need to embellish reality.

Where are you being pulled? What are you giving your time and energy to and is it serving you? Spirit is saying it may be time to take a risk, and if you have and feel like you’ve gotten nowhere, take a moment to cool off before heading forward. You are a natural leader, but you must lead from a clear and balance place, or else you burst and send everything in close proximity up in flames with you.

So much is happening that you can not see. Even if you feel like you’ve been going ahead to no benefit, keep going. In due time you’ll see that things were making their way to you all along.




jeremy o’brian is a writer and co-host of the blk queer tarot inspired podcast “to whom this may affirm.”

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jeremy o’brian

jeremy o’brian

jeremy o’brian is a writer and co-host of the blk queer tarot inspired podcast “to whom this may affirm.”

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