Suggestions on Personal Growth for the Month of May

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This is a quick forecast, a suggestion on the best ways to use your energy for personal growth in the moment of May. As always, reading for your sun, moon, rising, and venus might offer a holistic approach to best utilizing your energy. If you don’t know your natal chart, go here.

♈︎ | Aries

Focus: Communication

How are you transmuting? Transformative energy is surrounding you, and you’re being asked to slow down when communicating feelings and perspectives. Before you communicate something, sit with your energy until it feels light and clear. communicate from a clear and higher vibrational place. Remember, you’ll catch more flies with honey.

♉︎ | Taurus

Focus: Optimism

A lot is happening around you and I sense it is a little overwhelming, but you’re being called to be most optimistic about the things happening. How can you transform things into something to behold? Focus on what you are working toward. See everything as an opportunity to grow. Optimism will serve you right now.

♊︎ | Gemini

Focus: Healing

You’re wondering if a particular situation is all in vain, wondering if it’s a dead-end if it’s worth it. The answers will come as you sit with yourself and be honest. Go spend some time in nature and with yourself. You’re being called to acknowledge the things that need to be healed. Healing is the message. Clarity will come.

♋︎ | Cancer

Focus: Forgiveness

You’ve been going through it, but soon you’ll understand the beauty in it all. It’s time to create a structure that is sustainable, a structure that will allow you to nurture your dreams and the life you want.

Group A: Some are worried that you’ll be seen as harsh, but it’s time to be about your foundation. You’re being called to act in love, in service of yourself, and have a no BS approach to your dreams and the vision in your care.

Group B: For some, as you let go of this romance (if you decide to let go), you have to forgive yourself for having once undervalued yourself. Like, honestly, and truly forgive. It’s time to create structures in service of a love that is sustainable.

♌︎ | Leo

Focus: Honoring the Void

It feels like you’re having to question everything right now. The void is here to teach you something. Surrender to your emotional world, and find reconciliation & balance. Keep the faith and the process, and you do this through surrendering. The void is here to teach you something.

♍︎ | Virgo

Focus: Be Your Own Foundation

Omg. Love is coming (or already here), but that’s not your focus right now. You’re being called to be a pillar for yourself. Tap into your heart space and be everything you need — your backbone, nurturer, provider, LOVER.

Some of you: There are new opportunities coming in and you’re in your head. You can learn as you go, but don’t let the fear stop you from taking a chance on yourself.

♎︎ | Libra

Focus: Compassion

Are you finding it hard to be compassionate toward others? Compassion starts at home, with you. Are you being compassionate with yourself? Any confusion you’re experiencing will fall away the more you lean into compassion.

♏︎ | Scorpio

Focus: Get Creative

You’re being asked to get creative. Look around you for inspiration and use your feelings and way of seeing as a gateway to create and transform circumstances.

♐︎ | Sagittarius

Focus: Self-love

You’re being asked to follow your heart, but HOLD ON... are you avoiding your heart? In order to move from a place of self-love, in order to cultivate healthy self-love, you have to be mindful of limiting beliefs. Healthy self-talk is so important right now — don’t focus on what has gone wrong or could go wrong. Follow your heart, but know your heart first.

♑︎ | Capricorn

Focus: Know Your Worth

You’re being called to see from a higher perspective. It’s time to explore yourself without judgment or shame. Heal your shadow. It’s time. You’re being asked to not be too attached to the outcome but simply experience your inner world with compassion.

♒︎ | Aquarius

Focus: Honor That Connection

“We’ve been connected from the beginning.” That’s what I’m hearing. Seeing a love connection that you really value. So, now what? You have to move beyond your fears in this regard. Feel your emotions.

Say, “I feel” more than, “I think.”

Given your contrarian nature, this message may be hard, “but conforming is SOMETIMES necessary for surviving.” What beliefs and patterns do you need to give up to honor this connection? Move with integrity. The golden rule is a pretty solid rule of thumb.

♓︎ | Pisces

Focus: Protect Your Ideas

Group A: Protect your creative work more. You are a creator, and as a creator, you have the responsibility to be a protector of that creativity. See your work as sacred and don’t be so quick to give up information.

Group B: It’s time to look deeper. I’m seeing the potential of a soulmate recognition, but you have to let certain illusions and beliefs fall away. Really contemplate what’s not serving you, what beliefs and ideas simply no longer serve you.

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